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  • Chill Area

    Besides the professional-looking space, we also offer a designated chill area where tenants can meet and discuss freely. This area is perfect for eating and drinking, as well as chatting informally with clients, guests, or other tenants. Take a break from your work and relax in our comfortable chairs while enjoying a coffee.

    Chill Area
  • Lounge Area

    We know that often you need a break from work, and we have a small kitchen where you can eat or drink. Although we don't have appliances for cooking, you can bring your meals from home or order them from a nearby restaurant. The kitchen has a bar with a great view towards the office, so you can enjoy the scenery while you take a break.

    Lounge Area
  • Meeting room

    Do you have a special guest or a crucial client that requires a bit more privacy? We've got you covered. Our meeting room is designed to provide a professional and warm feeling, and it's perfect for important meetings or presentations. We have a huge 4k TV that can be connected through an HDMI for presentations, making it the ideal option for hosting a professional gathering.

    Meeting room
  • Personal office

    Starting a business can be expensive, and we want to help you minimize those startup costs. We provide everything you need to get started immediately, just bring your equipment, and you're ready to work. In addition, you can reserve your personal private desk that will act as your own office. You get a personal drawer near you and have access to all the amenities, such as the kitchen, meeting room, chill area, printers, and more. You are free to leave your things overnight at your desk, and rest assured, we won't touch them.

    Personal office
  • Shared space

    For those who don't need a personal space and want to cut expenses even more, our shared space is perfect for you. You get almost everything that you would with a personal desk, with the benefit that you can still access the kitchen, meeting room, and chill area. The only difference is that you can't leave stuff on your desk after you are done. You also have a drawer with a key that you can use for keeping your equipment.

    Shared space
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